The Mandela effect seems to be somewhat of a craze in the paranormal and theorist community at the moment. It has a huge following with over 11,000 posts web wide, a dedicated Subreddit and websites appearing to catalogue information on the theory. So here is a brief look at what it’s all about and my personal thoughts on the subject.

The Mandela effect is a theory put forth by writer and paranormal consultant Fiona Broome, that shared false memories are in fact glimpses into parallel worlds with different timelines. Fiona Broome states that the origin of her theory came out of a discussion about whether or not Nelson Mandela died in prison. Henceforth the title given, the Mandela effect. The theory suggests that we are in fact are sliding between parallel realities without even realising it, obtaining different truths that counter what we know as fact.

There are many examples of this, given by a growing community, and the list is forever expanding. I will give my top five examples:

  1. The word Dilemma being spelt Dilemna. I also remember the latter being the correct spelling, strange.
  2. The “tank man” in Tiananmen Square was run over by a tank, though he was not. Although I personally do not remember the man being ran over by the tank, this one has a huge following, and is one of the biggest cases of the Mandela effect.
  3. Mickey mouse having suspenders, when in fact, he doesn’t. This one actually blew my mind, I remember him having suspenders, why does he have buttons on his shorts if not?
  4. The Berenstain Bears was once known as The Berenstein bears. It may only be one letter, but it changes the sound of the whole word, I personally remember it as the latter.
  5. Nelson Mandela died in prison, when he in fact died only a few years ago, a free man. Of course, the name sake of the theory. This also blew my mind to find out, I can see how this event caused such a phenomenon.

There are so many more examples of this phenomena, including places on the map increasing in size or moving and famous lines in well-known movies being altered. I will not include any more examples here, as there are far too many, but it is definitely worth looking into.

So how are so many people collectively remembering things incorrectly, it seems impossible, right? Perhaps it is. I am a firm believer in alternate realities, the theory has been researched and documented by some of the greatest minds that the world has ever known. However, I cannot come to a solid conclusion on this subject, my view sways from both the mundane and the paranormal. So, I will conclude twice:

The mundane- We are remembering things incorrectly.

Although it may seem impossible that so many of us are remembering incorrectly, many of the examples of The Mandela effect, are slight. In theory, if one person hears something incorrectly, say a line a movie, the chances are that many more people will hear the same thing. If those people then pass on what they heard, the line could potentially change in their mind too. Thus, a chain of incorrect information is formed. The same can be applied to logos appearing different and cartoon characters changing, or it could simply be the artists making slight changes.

I am not in any way demeaning anyone’s beliefs with this conclusion, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation on this subject. However, this is not my final conclusion, as I am still deciding for myself.

The paranormal- We are sliding in and out of alternate realities.

This is the theory put forward by Fiona Broome herself, and is believed by many. There is so much about this universe that we are yet to understand, it is possible that our minds are yet to fathom our own ability. This ability could be, indeed, to travel to alternate realities, and thus we would not know. This would resolve why we remember things that are simply not true, we grow up knowing something as fact, that fact is then literally altered.

I’m going to throw a curve ball in here, another possibility- Glitches in the matrix.

Another theory in itself, but with many similarities that could conclude the change of information. The theory put simply is that we are all living inside a preordained world or computer program. I won’t go too far into the details of this theory, as it would need a post itself, but those are the basics. Changes or glitches in this program could have gone past us unnoticed, until now. Maybe we are waking up.

Whatever your views are on The Mandela effect, I think that we can all come together and agree that it is a very interesting subject with numerous possibilities and theories. Maybe one day, with all of the great minds working on this theory, we can discover something truly amazing.


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