Whilst researching the odds of alien life being in this universe, I kept coming across this image of the supposed remains of an alien hand. The ‘Alien claw’, as many articles have dubbed it, was discovered early this month (January 2017) in ‘mystery caves’ deep beneath a desert in Peru (although the exact location is being kept tightly under wraps by the discoverer).

This potential extraterrestrial appendage was discovered by a team of Alien hunters, along with a ‘warped skull’. Unfortunately I cannot find any images of the skull, or evidence of it existing, for that matter.

The claw and skull was then passed to a paranormal researcher who used an unnamed group of ‘experts’ to conduct tests. The group concluded that both items were ‘genuine biological objects with real bone and skin tissues’.

The remains are being handed over to experts in America, for radiocarbon dating and DNA tests in the hope that this will reveal the true origin of these mysterious objects.

So there we have it, could this be proof of alien existence? I have to remain sceptical on this one, there is far too much information being withheld by the discovering group. I guess it could be argued that they are withholding information to avoid media attention or the government, but then they wouldn’t have made this discovery public at all. To add to this, isn’t the coincidence of alien hunters stumbling upon alien remains in a location that they wont completely disclose of, a bit convenient? Maybe I am looking at the facts too closely, but my scepticism will remain until the further tests are made public and the results state that the objects are of alien origin.

What do you think on this? Is it real or a hoax?




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