The paranormal phenomena known as ghosts are as old as the times of ancient civilisations, with many of their tale’s rich in spirit lore. In the 1800s, Victorian England, tales of spirits were all the rage, with Ouija board sessions being held during social occasions, often accompanied with tea and crumpets. In the world today, the unexplained and mysterious phenomenon is still widely believed. In a recent survey, it was discovered that almost half of us believe in ghosts! But what could they be? There are many speculations and theories on what ghosts could be, let’s take a look at some of those in detail.

Intelligent haunting

The traditional and probably most widely believed theory is that they are the spirits of dead people that are for some reason are ‘stuck’ between this plain of existence and the next. They are often stuck due to some form of tragedy or trauma, or having left something that they need to finish. Upon passing, our spirit should pass into the next dimension, but upon being ‘stuck’, our spirit must enter the light to pass. We must assume that the ‘light’ mentioned is a portal of sorts, between this realm and the next. The ghosts in this theory create intelligent hauntings, and often haunt their place of death or a place they loved in life. Very often, these ghosts are able to interact with the living. These ghosts are also able to manifest an incorporeal form, that we ourselves can perceive and also capture using surveillance devices. Some people claim to be able to communicate with these lost spirits, having the ability to not only talk to them, but see them and sense them when others cannot. These people are known as psychics or mediums and they often use their abilities to help the spirits move on.

Residual haunting

Some ghosts appear to be merely a recording of an action or event, in a specific environment, acting on a constant loop, sometimes replaying at an exact time and date. For example: A child’s laughter being heard from a place where they once played, a prisoner banging on their cell door where they were once held captive or a soldier standing guard at a post that they once guarded. There have even been cases of mechanical objects, such as trains and cars, creating a residual haunting, appearing and being heard where they often travelled. These ghosts do not interact or even appear aware of the living. Their appearance and actions are always the same when witnessed. These ghosts are not spirits or souls, but simply pure energy, created at a time of heightened emotion. This energy then gets stored in the environment, much like an analogue camera with a film roll, imprinted for as long as the environment remains.

A glimpse into an alternate reality

A lesser known and believed theory is that ghosts are entities from other dimensions. The ghosts in this theory are interdimensional beings that slide in and out of our reality, sometimes not even fully aware that they are doing so. This theory would explain why ghosts often appear confused and incoherent in EVP recording, as they wake up suddenly experiencing a different world. While they are not always in physical form, it is possible that only their energy or spirit enters our dimension. Potentially, people that we refer to as psychics, in this theory, have further evolved brains that are susceptible to perceiving interdimensional beings more than usual. 

A projection of our own inner psyche

Another theory, one that some sceptics choose to believe, is ghosts are products of our own minds through fear or emotional need. For example, a grieving widow sees her deceased husband because she needs to, giving her comfort and closure. In this case, the mind creates the experience to help itself deal with the stress of the loss. Since we do not know the full potential of our minds power, we could be in fact creating physical manifestations that we can even interact with.

So, there we have it, could one of these theories explain the phenomenon of ghosts? Of course, there is room for all of these theories to indeed be fact, the world is a large and mysterious place that we do not yet fully understand. Maybe ghosts are just beings that our minds cannot yet fathom. One day we will discover the truth, but for now it is up to us to speculate and theorise, and to believe in what we want to believe.





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