When I hear of the mysterious men in black, I always start humming the catchy theme tune to the 1997 Will Smith movie. “Here come the Men in black, galaxy defenders”. I’ve probably just got you doing it too, but the reality of the men in black is one potentially much darker and sinister than their comedic portrayal in the movie.

They wear full black attire, except a white shirt, and claim to be government agents. They are almost always reported to be tall and slender, talk in an ‘robotic’ voice, and hide their eyes beneath sunglasses. Their intimidating black colour scheme also extends to their cars, often vintage models of Buicks, Cadillac’s and Lincolns. Their vehicles, however, have also been reported to give off an otherworldly green glow. They appear only to harass and threaten UFO witnesses, in an attempt to silence them, often confiscating or destroying any UFO evidence. They also appear to not only have jurisdiction over civilians but also with law enforcement and military personal. Many people believe, including those that have witnessed the Men in black, that they are in fact aliens themselves, acting solely to protect their own species. There have been many sighting and cases of them appearing all over the world, let’s look into some these:

Harold Dahl, 1947

The first recorded encounter with the Men in black was in 1947, whilst in the waters of Puget sound, Washington, Harold Dahl witnessed a group of UFO’s hovering above. Soon after the incident, he was approached by a black suited individual who forcefully advised him not to discuss the UFO sighting any further. After his encounter with the men in black, Dahl informed investigators that the UFO sighting was a hoax and never happened. Although, much later, he recanted his statement of a hoax, informing the public of his encounter.

Robert Richardson, 1967

Another encounter, in 1967. Robert Richardson was driving his car at night in Toledo, Ohio, when he hit something, which, he claimed, then vanished. He found a piece of metal that he believed originated from the mysterious thing he hit. A few days later, two men, wearing black hats and sunglasses and driving a black 1953 Cadillac, visited Richardson at his home at 11 p.m. to ask questions. A week later, two other men arrived, dressed in black suits, and asked Richardson to turn over the metal to them. When he informed them he had sent it for analysis, he said, they threatened to harm his wife if he didn’t get it back. He never heard from them again.

Dr. Herbert Hopkins, 1976

One of the more recent, strangest and most detailed of the encounters that I have researched, is one that happened to Dr. Herbert Hopkins, in 1976. At the time, Hopkins was studying a UFO incident. A mysterious man rang the doctor and introduced himself as a representative of a New Jersey UFO organization (which turned out to be fake). He wanted to know if he could meet with Hopkins and talk about the UFO case. He also asked if he was alone, to which the doctor confirmed. When Hopkins walked from the phone to the door and turned on the light, the man was already coming up the steps. “If he was even as close as across the street or next door telephoning, he could not possibly have gotten here as soon as I did to turn on the light for him,” recalled Hopkins.

When the stranger came in, Hopkins was struck by his appearance. “He wore a neatly tailored black suit, black shoes, black socks, a white shirt with black tie, and he wore a black derby” He also noticed that the mysterious man in black had no eyebrows or eyelashes and looked like he had “smooth, plastic skin”. In addition to this, “his lips were a brilliant ruby red and he spoke in an expressionless, monotone and scanning speech”

During the short time they were together, Hopkins and the strange man talked about the UFO case that the doctor had been investigating. Then the meeting took a strange turn, the odd visitor told Hopkins to take a coin out of his pocket and hold it in the palm of his hand. “He said, ‘Watch the coin,’ and it started to develop a silver colour instead of copper, and then the silver became bluish and the penny was getting quite fuzzy, out of focus, blurred, and then it simply was gone — it slowly dematerialized.”

Following the strange coin display, the stranger ordered the doctor to destroy all information he had gathered about the UFO case. “As he spoke his last words, I noticed his speech was slowing down. His words became slower and farther spaced. He slowly got to his feet, unsteadily, and he said very slowly, ‘My — energy — is — running — low — must — go — now — goodbye.’ Just like that.”

Hopkins said that the MIB, whoever or whatever he was, clung tightly to the railing as he went down the steps outside, placing both feet on each step, and then disappeared around the corner into a bright light. When the chilling encounter was over, a terrified, intimidated Hopkins destroyed all traces of any UFO materials he had.


These are but a few of the strange cases that have been reported about the mysterious Men in black, and there could be many more. When you consider the amount of terror these men provoke, many witnesses may not have been reported through fear of their threats. As you can see, the movies, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, did not quite accurately represent the real reports of the Men in black. In fact, a popular conspiracy theory on the movie states that the movie itself is a way to help cover up the existence of the real Men in black, by making light of the agents, portraying them in an comedic way. Could this be Hollywood misdirection ordered by the government? Or aliens run the movie industry? Who knows, all that is for sure is, with all of the witness reports out there, there must be some form of agency protecting, or indeed hiding, the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Whether they are human or alien, I sure would not like to be visited by the mysterious and terrifying Men in Black.



3 thoughts on “The Men in Black. Real or not?

  1. Hmm, this was an interesting post. I heard the Men in Black are actually humans. Some think they are otherworldly creatures, just like the Shadow People. There are so many mysteries in this world, and I wish I could learn them all. Who really knows what is out there.

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    1. Hello there. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. There are indeed many theories as to whom the Men in black may be, perhaps we’ll find out for sure one day. The universe is a big place, possibly infinite, and we know so little about it. It’s interesting to speculate about these things though 🙂


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