The premise of parallel universes has always fascinated me. The idea of there being more than one of me is, I’m sure, a terrifying thought for many. Parallel universes are a subject that has been pondered over and theorised by many renowned scientists, yet is for now, unproven. The theory itself poses numerous possibilities, and in the event of its existence, could solve many of sciences greatest mysteries. The subject has been used for many works of fiction, including popular TV shows and movies. There have been many incidents and reports to back up the theory, we will look into some of these, but first, there are two versions of this same theory.

The many worlds theory.

One evening in 1954, in a student hall at Princeton University, Hugh Everett was drinking sherry with his friends when he came up with the idea that our choices and actions cause the universe to constantly split. These universes are all related to ours, except with slight changes due to the different outcomes. For example, our wars have had different outcomes than the ones we know, species that are extinct in our universe have evolved and adapted in others, in other universes we humans may have become extinct. These are but a few of the many possibilities, think about it, the list is endless, and we can only imagine the potential outcomes. For example, if we come to a crossroads, there are five possibilities of what we could do: turn left, turn right, go straight on, go backwards, or stay still. In this theory, all of those outcomes happen, but in different universes, that are created at the moment of the choice. Another simpler example might be, if we were asked to go into town. At that moment of the choice, two universes are created, in one you go, in the other you don’t.

String theory.

The second of these theories is string theory, originated by the Japanese-American physicist Michio Kaku. Like the Many-Worlds theory, string theory demonstrates that parallel universes exist. According to the theory, our own universe is like a bubble that exists alongside similar parallel universes.  Unlike the Many-Worlds theory, string theory supposes that these universes can come into contact with one another. String theory says that gravity can flow between these parallel universes. When these universes interact, a Big Bang like the one that created our universe occurs. In this theory, the parallel universes exist as a constant, moving through time alongside our own. This is where this theory differs from the second.


Clues of parallel universes existing.

Deja vu and Alter vu.

Deja vu and Alter vu are two of the several strange phenomena of the mind. Deja vu is the uncanny sensation that you’ve experienced an event before. Alter vu is a term used to describe when someone remembers an event, or even their entire life, differently. Both experiences have potential neurological and memory based explanations, but is it possible that Deja vus are memories from other versions of ourselves in other universes, or that Alter vus are truly memories from our own altered realities?


While the mechanism for dreaming is fairly understood, by this I mean that they tend to occur during REM sleep, we still don’t know their true purpose, if there is one. Are they a glimpse into the unconscious mind or a way for our brains to sort out information? Or could they possibly be windows into a parallel universe and another version of ourselves?

The man from Taured.

A strange man who arrived in Tokyo in 1954 with a passport from a country that didn’t exist, called Taured. Japanese customs officials detained the man, but his passport was not a fake: it had the recognised stamps, was issued by the country of Taured, and even included Japanese stamps from a previous visit. The man swore that Taured was a European country that had existed for 1,000 years, and he also held other papers, such as bank statements, with which the country’s name was on them. After several hours, customs officials eventually placed the man in a hotel, with security nearby to ensure that he did not leave his room, while they checked things out. The next morning, he was gone. No trace. A manhunt ensued, but to no avail, he had simply vanished.

Lerina Garcia.

Lerina Garcia woke up one day in a world, our world, that did not belong to her. According to the story, as her day progressed she continued to notice “small incongruities”, little things that were just off. As her day progressed further, she started to notice that her whole life was missing. Here is some of her recorded account of the event:

“So I went to work in my car, which was parked where I’d always parked, and it was the same office I’d worked in for the last 20 years. But when I got to my department, it wasn’t my department. It has names on the door and mine wasn’t on it. I thought I was on the wrong floor, but no, it was my own floor. I went over to the office’s wireless section and looked myself up. I still worked there, but in another department, reporting to a superior I didn’t even know.”

Link to supernatural phenomena.

I have found myself mentioning parallel universes, or alternate dimensions, in a couple of my other articles. Could ghosts be the essence of entities, unknowingly sliding between universes? Could the Mandela effect be real, and we are infact sliding between realities ourselves? Here are those articles:

What are Ghosts? – https://azeriusblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/what-are-ghosts/?frame-nonce=7e589cf0a1

The Mandela effect – https://azeriusblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/the-mandela-effect/?frame-nonce=7e589cf0a1

Could the existence of parallel universes explain much of the paranormal and supernatural phenomena that we experience? I believe so.



These are but a few pieces of the potential clues that have been recorded thus far, unfortunately, they do not equate to any certainty parallel universes existing, but if they did, it would explain many of the weird goings on in this world. I personally believe in the theory of parallel universes, the subject is backed by numerous pieces of evidence and is believed and theorised by some of the greatest minds alive this day. The theory may be slightly mind boggling, but imagine the possibilities that its existence could impose. Could we travel to these other dimensions and meet our alternate selves? Could we enter these other realities and bring back advanced technology or cures that we do not yet possess due to a decision made? Now I may have watched too much TV, but this theory almost invites you to speculate wildly. Keep your mind open, its only through these theory’s that we discover fact, and we may find that this is truth one day.

I’ve tried to leave out the quantum physics side of the theory, as that will make for another post, which will come shortly. Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Do Parallel Universes exist?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Interesting question, unfortunatly it is not something that I have pondered much about. I would like to hear your thoughts on this though? 🙂


      1. Since ancient times, legends and religions stated the existence of alternative realms which are inhabited by entities and connected to our own physical reality. Hades, limbo, heaven, hell, nirvana, the spirit world just to name a few. Then in the last few years we have quantum physicist theorize the existence of parallel universes and dimensions exist alongside of our own which one must question to how much truth those ancient beliefs hold. If entering these realms is just a shift in frequency or vibration at a quantum scale can such a transition occur in our own deaths where the soul, spirit or conscious just shifts to another reality?

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      2. Interesting, thank you for sharing. I would say that this is highly plausible. If our soul is energy, physics tells us that energy cannot be destroyed, so it must end up somewhere. Perhaps there are alternate realms that have formed for this purpose. On another note, this got me thinking, maybe our ancient ancestors had a greater understanding of alternate dimensions. Maybe this is the origin of recorded alternate realms, such as heaven and hell. Thank you for your thoughts.

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