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I have several fiction projects in progress, including short stories, competitions and a novel. I also have a new blog in which I share my progress and some of my work for all to read.

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Alien Abduction



Since the late 1950s, there have been countless worldwide accounts of alien abduction. Each case seems to vary slightly, from the type of Alien, to the situation and time of the abduction, but all have many similarities. Some key similarities found in the majority of abduction claims include hours of missing time, gaps in memory, mysterious injuries, scars and/or implants, disorientation, reproductive issues, and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Many cases are dismissed as psychological trauma’s such as mental health issues and in some cases, sleep paralysis. But could these abductions be real? If so, why are they happening?

One of the main theories as to why aliens may be abducting us is experimentation. Many reported abductions include recollection of being restrained to an object that can best be described as an operating table. The aliens, normally greys, surround the abductee, wielding strange tools. Mechanical arms and other instruments have also been reported, emerging from the ceiling above them. But why would they want to experiment on us? My best guess at this would be discovery. Perhaps the aliens are simply curious scientists, attempting to discover more about our species. Or, perhaps, as depicted by the popular short story War of the Worlds, they are planning an attack and wish to know thy enemy.

Here are some truly terrifying, real-life accounts, of alien abduction.

Jim and Jack Weiner.
Brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, and their art school classmates Chuck Rack and Charlie Foltz, were abducted during a fishing trip at the Allagash Waterway in Maine. The men didn’t have any luck fishing in the daytime, so they decided to take a canoe out into the water for some late night fishing.

While floating through the water in complete darkness, the group noticed a glowing light reflecting from the top of the trees. The light began to change colours before hovering over their canoe and engulfing the entire group. Before they knew it, they were back at the campground sitting in front of a burned out fire. They all knew that something strange had happened to them that night and decided to get help to remember exactly. After going through hypnotherapy, each man retold the exact same story. They recounted strange beings examining them aboard a spaceship.

Travis Walton.

One of the most recognisable alien abduction stories comes from Travis Walton. On November 6, 1975, 22-year-old Walton and his crew of loggers were finishing another day of work. While they were driving home, they spotted a silvery disc floating in the sky.

The driver stopped the car and Walton jumped out and ran toward the object. When the spacecraft began to move, Walton stepped back toward the car, but it was a little too late. A blue-green beam shot out and “struck” Walton, and he disappeared. Walton’s crew fled the area, and one of his co-workers called the police from a nearby town. When the police arrived at the scene, Walton was nowhere to be found. A search party looked for him for five days, until he suddenly reappeared looking tired and emaciated. He told investigators he had been abducted by the craft and spent the last five days inside the UFO where medical experiments were performed on his body.
A while later, renewed interest in his alleged abduction prompted Walton and his co-workers to take a polygraph test in which they were all shown to be truthful in recounting the experience. In 1978, Walton published a book about his experience, entitled The Walton Experience. In 1993, his story was turned into the film Fire in the Sky.

Betty and Barney Hill.

Betty and Barney Hill, a married couple living in New Hampshire, claimed they witnessed a UFO while driving back from a trip to Niagara Falls. They followed the movement of the craft for some time; eventually, it descended sharply, causing Barney to stop the car in the middle of the highway. The couple claims to have seen creatures peering at them through the craft’s windows. The craft then lifted over their vehicle, and the Hills reported hearing a buzzing sound.

The Hills’ consciousness went blurry, and when they eventually regained awareness, they’d travelled 35 miles south with no memory of having done so. They arrived home and realised their watches were broken. Betty reported the incident to the Pease Air Force Base. She began having dreams about the incident; later, both Barney and Betty would be interviewed at length while under hypnosis. The story became national news after a story was published in the Boston Traveler in 1965; a book about their story, called The Interrupted Journey was published in 1987.

John Salter.

Not all experiences with alien abduction have been negative though, here’s an example of this.

John Salter, Jr. and his son John III were travelling down the highway when they noticed a UFO in the sky. The story then gets a little strange because neither of them had a vivid recollection of the events that took place. They do remember seeing a group of half human, half alien children who they quickly bonded with. The creatures made them feel at ease and protected them during the alleged hour-long abduction.

The men were subjected to medical examinations, and following the experience, they both reported their overall health had improved. John Jr., who had a permanent forehead scar before the incident took place, claims the scar completely healed and disappeared after the abduction.


I find that the most interesting thing about all of these accounts is the people that they come from. None of these people would have anything to gain from telling of their encounter, in fact, in many cases, quite the opposite. In my mind, this makes the majority of abduction accounts very plausible. In addition to this, many abductees can only recall the event with the help of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven, so surely this means that the events that its patients recall are real? If not, then perhaps abduction is some neurological phenomena that we do not yet understand.

For me though, alien abduction is highly plausible and truly terrifying. The idea that these beings can take us at any time that they choose, is a scary one. Maybe they are just curious. Maybe they are trying to find out something specific. Maybe they are trying to aid us in some unseen way. One day we may find out, but for now, we can only speculate.

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